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Why choose WEB DESIGN ADULT? Good question? Why not use another so called company that sells adult web sites? Why not find another company that's cheaper than WEB DESIGN ADULT?

WEB DESIGN ADULT has been in this business helping people since November of 1994. We have made millions of dollars on our web sites and assisted in making millions of dollars for our customers web sites as well.

Jay Servidio, the owner of WEB DESIGN ADULT, is a guest speaker at all the adult internet trade shows in both the United States and Europe. His company, WEB DESIGN ADULT also designs, hosts, and maintains the European show site,

WEB DESIGN ADULT is the only company that offers a 100% money back guarantee.
WEB DESIGN ADULT is the only design company that appears at trade shows.
Jay Servidio is the only one from the design side of the industry who speaks at trade shows.
Jay Servidio is the only one who taught classes in New York City and Toronto Canada for 4 years on how to get started and make money in the adult internet industry.
WEB DESIGN ADULT owns its own servers. Using state of the art DEC Alpha servers connected to the internet in a no fault environment.
WEB DESIGN ADULT has been in this industry the longest and has the best track record.
WEB DESIGN ADULT uses the best content and video that is unmatched by other companies.
Jay Servidio is the only one from the design side of the business who is asked to write articles for the major trade publications on the adult internet industry and its direction.
Jay Servidio and WEB DESIGN ADULT have been written about on the front page of The Wall Street Journal, a 5000 word feature cover story in The New York Press and Profit magazine. (copies of these and more can be found at WEB DESIGN Jay Servidio and WEB DESIGN ADULT are well known and well respected in the industry.

Now that you are more educated on who WEB DESIGN ADULT is, allow me to explain who the other companies are that you can choose to navigate you through this business.

Their design is poor.
Their content is low grade, cheap and all over the net.
They don't own their own servers and therefore have to host with another company which forces them to go cheap which means your sites are down for 2-3 days a month.
They take a percentage of your revenue and you have to trust them that they are reporting sales accurately.
They offer real cheap set up prices to attract you and then have no follow up of assistance with traffic.
They have no interest in your success because they already made their money off of you.
They Do Not offer a money back guarantee like WEB DESIGN ADULT.
They don't show up at our trade shows. Even when we have a trade show close to their company.
WEB DESIGN ADULT flies all over the world attending and speaking at shows to assist people.
They go out of business and take your money with them.
They have no idea how to market an adult web site.
They have not been written about in any publications whatsoever.


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