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Privacy Policy

  • Teleteria will not sell your information to any mailing lists. Other companies usually choose to sell your information for up to five cents a pop. We don't think selling your name to a company that will send you unwanted e-mail or junk mail is worth a nickel. We promise to never sell or give away any of your personal information. If you wish to unsubscribe from the info you are requesting simply hit reply to the email with the work Unsubscribe and we will remove it.

  • Teleteria will not mail you unwanted information. When you order from us you can control what information is sent to you. You decide if you want an order confirmation, shipping confirmation, or customer survey. Whether you choose to receive emails from us does not matter in terms of how we will serve you. We will still work hard to process your order quickly and accurately. Keeping you satisfied is our top priority.

  • Teleteria will not give out your e-mail address. We don't have a mailing list and we will never start one. Tactics like spam (unsolicited e-mail) do not align with our vision of privacy.

  • Teleteria will keep credit card information safe by maintaining the most secure online transaction process possible. We use the Strong-arm secure server, the best server available. It supports industry-standard 128-bit SSL encryption. We trust our transactions to it.

  • Teleteria will maintain security of our systems and information. We maintain the latest anti-virus software, and use secure passwords on all systems. Your credit card information is stored in encrypted format at every stage of processing and is stored behind two layers of password protection. Your information is safe with us.